Our Research Team

 Research Support

 Prof. Peter Gregory


 Rossuraya Abdullah


 Field Operations

 Ooi Gin Teng


 Mohd Fadhil Ahmad



 Gomathy Sethuraman


 Fatin Nadia Muhammad




Email Addresses

 Crop Genetic Resources
  & Field Studies

 Dr Sean Mayes


 Dr Ho Wai Kuan


 Crop Improvement
 & Production

 Dr Sean Mayes


 Dr Chai Hui Hui


  Mohd Khairul Izwan Mohd Hahiree


 Muhammad Zahrulakmal


 Product Development
 & Quality

 Max Herriman


 Giva Kuppusamy


 Dr Maysoun Mustafa


 Advina Julkifle


 Tan Xin Lin


 Hilda Binti Hussin


 Muhammad Zufar Safwan Borsra


 Knowledge Systems

 Dr Ebrahim Jahanshiri


 Ayman Salama


 Nur Marahaini Mohd Nizar


 Tengku Adhwa Syaherah


 Siti Sarah Mohd Sinin


Work With Us
Passionate about underutilised crops and agricultural biodiversity? CFF provides an excellent platform for you to make a real difference to global challenges.
Our team is a diverse mix of international and national professionals with a range of skills. All of us are working towards achieving our vision to be recognised as a world-leader, delivering excellent, innovative research and knowledge on underutilised crops.
  • Researchers
    CFF welcomes talented researchers at all levels: senior researchers, academicians or postdoctoral researchers that specialise in areas related to our research themes and programmes.
    Research Vacancies
  • Operations
    The CFF operations team provides a responsive and integrated infrastructure that supports the advancements of Crops For the Future.
    Operations Vacancies
  • Internships
    CFF takes great pride in mentoring research students. At CFF, students will interact with highly experienced researchers and will engage with its disciplinary activities that span the whole Research Value Chain.
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