Ayman Salama

Ayman Salama is a specialist in designing software and hardware architecture backbone for complex Data systems. Ayman’s focus is on designing and developing CropBASE database architecture, data management system and decision support tool for Crop Diversification of Underutilised Crops.

Prior to joining CFF, Ayman spent over 10 years in developing and operating complex computer architectures in multinational organisations such as IBM and Orange “France Telecom” in Egypt, China and France. He is an expert in cutting edge technologies of massive data processing systems from largest technological institutions Oracle, IBM, HP, Ericsson, Sun, Huawei and others. Ayman has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham in Computer Science and is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 
Latest presentations / publications :

1. FTC 2017 Conference, Vancouver, Canada 
Salama, A. Maul, T. Jahanshiri, E. (2017). Detecting cropping pattern of underutilised crops using online Big data. 
2. ICBAA 2017 Conference, UPM, Malaysia: Guest Speaker and Paper Author 
Salama, A. Maul, T. Jahanshiri, E. Crout, N. (2017). Journey from text mining to Neural Information  Retrieval in agriculture data science. 
3. Pedometrics 2017. Wageningen, The Netherlands 
Jahanshiri, E., Nizar, N.M., Salama. A and H. Hussin. (2017). Developing Combined Soil-climate Indices for Crop Suitability Recommendations. 
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